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I have lived in the Carlisle, Boiling Springs, Mt. Holly area my entire life. I enjoy the rich historic past of our area. I love looking back and learning how our area played a role in the early years of our country. George Washington’s visits to Carlisle, our role in the French and Indian War, how close our area was associated with the Battle of Gettysburg, the burning of the Barricks, the shelling of Carlisle, Molly Pitcher’s burial plot in Carlisle, this history makes Carlisle and the surrounding areas a very interesting place to live. My husband and I now live in the Carlisle area although not far from Boiling Springs. Over the years, we have bought, fixed up, and sold many properties, both single family homes and apartment units. I have worked with and had many good experiences with local realtors. I have thought about being a realtor for some time. Last year, I decided the time was right and got my license. I was drawn to Help-U-Sell Detwiler Realty. It was a name in real estate that I was seeing more and more. I had met and come to know Karen Detwiler as a professional that got the job done and yet gave every meeting I had with her that personal touch. As I’ve learned more about the Help-U-Sell program and the many options it offers to buyers and sellers, the more I liked this non-traditional approach to selling real estate. I believe Help-U-Sell gives buyers and sellers choices that can save them thousands of dollars. I don’t know a family out there right now that wouldn’t want to save money. I joined Help-U-Sell for this reason. I like giving people choices and letting them make decisions that will benefit their families.

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